/nuz baɪts/ SpecGram Vol CLXXXV, No 1 Contents Further Land-Grabbing in the Left Periphery—Tel Monks

Book ६४

The right name is so hard to determine—
All the demonyms sprawling like vermin!
Alemán? Teuton? Tedesco?
Tyskar? Niemiec?Kafkaesque, oh!
Pray tell, what is the Deutsch word for “German”?
—Κόμμα Ο᾿Κῶλον

John Ridley Stroop,
Threw everyone for a loop,
By writing in red, blue, and green,
Color terms not matching what was seen.
—Clara Hu

A language discovered on Mars,
Had sentences that were like ours!
With SPEC, and with trace,
And all kinds of case,
Except for the ones that had *s.
—Sheri Wells-Jensen

Fleeing from dictats draconian,
That made English language the only one,
Some Welsh took a stand,
And left their fair land,
To settle in plains Patagonian.
—Pete Bleackley

I managed the labio-dentals
Though it felt fairly experimental,
But the clicks and the trills
Are really tough skills—
They’re driving my poor brain quite mental!
—Col. O. Nihilist

Now I’m not sure that Chomsky was right:
Lexis left and then syntax to th’right;
But I don’t think a play
Relates form the same way
To the meaning as -al, -ive-, -ic, -ite.
—William Deaksworth

/nuz baɪts/
Further Land-Grabbing in the Left PeripheryTel Monks
SpecGram Vol CLXXXV, No 1 Contents