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Great Hare Linguistics: Noom Nibblesky

by Ruthlessly Roving Reporter Miss Deakina Andrea Kirkhamia

Noom Nibblesky has established his place in the forefront of Hare linguistics. After his debut book last year which attacked the traditional understanding of Hare language as a structure much like a lettuce leaf with peripheral, “social” elements occupying the outer leaves of the lingulettuce, and central “heart”-like components expressed as lexicalisations of formal rules, Nibblesky has now taken a fresh direction adopting the metaphor of the warren instead. Here language is seen as an interconnecting warren-like structure, almost like a network, whose expressive power is a function of the number, width, depth, and, crucially, connectivity of the separate tunnels. Despite some negative reviews (Harriam Croft considered Warren Theory “Hare-iffic and harrible”), Hare linguists everywhere should be inspired by this audacious new shift in conceptualising Hare language.

From The Hare-vard Review.

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LinguimericksBook ६१
SpecGram Vol CLXXXIV, No 2 Contents