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From the Makers of SyllaBerries

[While going through the Language Made Difficult archives, we discovered a series of advertisements from Captain Major Colonel Mills that never made it to air. Our lawyers know us well, so they threw in a clause that wouldn’t make us give the money back if we published the ad copy before our sponsor noticed. That’s quite fortunate, as we’ve already spent the money providing the LMD talent, who are smart enough to insert their own vowels, with Abjad-Bits from one of our sponsor’s competitors. The third ad is below. —Eds.]

Don’t have time for a tasty breakfast of SyllaBerries and coffee? Declare Hindipendence from the breakfast table and make DevanagBerries a conjunct of your on-the-go lifestyle. DevanagBerries give you a complete pronounceable breakfast in bar form. With SyllaBerries consonants and vowels made from concentrated Indonesian coffee, mi mantra es Su-matra!

Linguistics Gaming MachinesAdvertisement
Rasmus Rask Diamond Puzzle VIILila Rosa Grau
SpecGram Vol CLXXXII, No 1 Contents