SpecGram Vol CLXXX, No σ Contents Q Continuum Reaches Solomon Islands—Brenda H. Boerger

Special Supplemental Letter from the Editor

Over the years, many authors whose work has appeared in the pages of Speculative Grammarian have taken inspiration (and sometimes even data) from the many high-quality documentary films and television series produced every year, including Survivor, Lost, Gilligan’s Island, Battlestar Galactica, and True Blood. Even somewhat fictionalized accounts, such as Scanners, may usefully be of interest.

But no previous article has been so thorough, so sweeping, or so intellectually daring as the account of the long-term interaction and long-term effects of the Q Continuum on the languages of Solomon Islands that you are about to read.

If you want to keep your fiqer1 on the pulse of qleeding2 edge scholarship, then you should read this important article at once. Do you want to be one of those who fly uqards3 towards greater knowledge and wisdom, or among their intellectual inferiors, left behind and unable to string together a comment on these matters more coherent than, “uhqoh,4 I probably should have read that”? Chqse5 wisely, dear reader.

1 Here, as in Roviana, <q> represents [ŋg].

2 Here, as in Owa, <q> represents [ɓ].

3 Here, as in Sa'a, <q> represents [pw].

4 Here, as in Toqabaqita, <q> represents [ʔ].

5 Here, as in Natqgu, <q> represents [ʉ].

Q Continuum Reaches Solomon IslandsBrenda H. Boerger
SpecGram Vol CLXXX, No σ Contents