Rosetta Stein—German Language Delivery System—Advertisement SpecGram Vol CLXXX, No 2 Contents The Logic of Teaching Linguistics—Ulfheðnar ber Sarkur

CorrigendumTeaching, a Toad, and
the Perils of Linear Precedence

Gobemouche Zounderkite, Ph.D.
Former SpecGram Assistant Junior Editorial Associate
(Dishonorably Discharged)

The regular November issue of SpecGram (CLXXX.1) incorrectly featured a cropped portion of a cartoon from Bethany Carlson’s Linguistics Nerd Camp series; inside the issue the entire cartoon was also incorrectly featured. The cartoon should have appeared on the cover and within the pages of this month’s issue (CLXXX.2).

Last month’s issue should have featured a colorized illustration from “Frog and Toad Teach Linguistics” (CLXIII.2) on the cover and internally as part of the discussion in the “Teaching Linguistics” editorialall timed to coincide with the seventy-second mensiversary of the original publication of “Frog and Toad Teach Linguistics”.

Kean Kaufmann’s original illustration, colorized by the SpecGram Graphics Elves™, is also presented below for your enjoyment.

While it is not possible to remove the stain of shame that my actions have caused to besmirch the House of SpecGram, I nonetheless offer up myself and ten of my Assistant Junior Editorial Underlings as human sacrifices to Our Lady of Linear Precedence, in the hope that she will guide this journal to an even more glorious future in which all that is published herein appears in the correct order.

May the Vowelkyries guide our spirits to Vowelhalla!

Rosetta SteinGerman Language Delivery SystemAdvertisement
The Logic of Teaching LinguisticsUlfheðnar ber Sarkur
SpecGram Vol CLXXX, No 2 Contents