Important Issues in Linguistics—A Letter from the Editor-at-Bat—Butch McBastard SpecGram Vol CLXXVIII, No 4 Contents The Chaos—Gerard Nolst Trenité

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editors,

A recent Linguimerick referred, in what is apparently to be taken as poetic form, to a category of “morphophonologo-bozos”.

Poetic license and all that, sure. But how the heck is the g in that word to be pronounced? Is it hard or soft?

George Goodguy
Professor of Velaricity and Fronting
University of Phonologization

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Dear Georgie-Porgie,

How the heck should we know? We don’t even know if Morris pronounces his own name with a hard or soft m. And anyway, if you’re going to ask only one question about that poem, why the heck would you pick that one?


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Dear Editors of SpecGram,

In response to “New Study Concludes that Esperanto is just French and Spanish Mashed Together with More Arrogance and Less Paella”:

Tio malpravas! Ĝia vorttrezoro enhavas ankaŭ radikojn slavajn, ĝermanajn, helenajn, kaj elpensitajn.

As it is evidently necessary to correct your inexcusable ignorance of la lingvo internacia, I herewith supply a translation:

That is incorrect! Its vocabulary includes also Slavic, Germanic, Greek, and invented roots.

It is probably also necessary to inform you that the paragraph contains examples of all of those; they are colored the same as the names of their sources.

Dr. Louis Seedcourt

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Dear Dr. Looway Looway,

No one actually said the study was correct!


Important Issues in Linguistics—A Letter from the Editor-at-Bat—Butch McBastard
The Chaos—Gerard Nolst Trenité
SpecGram Vol CLXXVIII, No 4 Contents