/təmeɪtoʊ/–/təmeɪtoʊ/—Mondegreen Involution as Psychological Warfare—Maj. J. Hendrix and Lt. Theskye Thissguy SpecGram Vol CLXXVIII, No 3 Contents Fly, Sigh, Sentence Ugly—Siva Kalyan & Trey Jones


Bestsellers of 2016

At Panini Press, we continue to be Committed to the life and career of the Working Linguistbut All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Vowel. For your Amusement and Edification, we collect here the Bestselling Fiction and Non-Fiction Books of 2016, from Panini Press. All are now available at Fine Book Retailers world-wide.❦पा

General Fiction

  • The Underlying /ˈreɪlˌroʊd/: A Novel, by Colon Whitehead

  • The Hypocoristic Nicks: A Novel, by Notation Hill

  • The Whorf Road: A Novel, by β Lewis

  • Everything We Speak: A Novel, by Kranberry Lonsdale

  • Dark Ł Matter: A Novel, by Błanagram Crouch

  • The Tres Passives: A Novel, by Tonal French

  • Small Great Vowel Shifts: A Novel, by Jabberwocki Picoult

  • Monophthongglow: A Novel, by Metrical Chabon

  • A Genitival in Moscow: A Novel, by A-bar Towles

  • Another Bracketin’: A Novel, by Juxtaposition Woodson

  • Claiming Your Pretentious Faux Literary Genre Identity: “A Novel”, by The Moderately Irked Editors of Panini Press

  • Before the Falling Tone, by No-/a/ Hawley

  • Language Lab Girl, by Homomorph Jahren

  • When Airstream Becomes Breath, by Pallawa Kalanithi

  • The Whistled, by Jargon Grisham

  • Truly Morphologically Guilty, by Lowtone Moriarty

  • Prague Night School, by -ly Child

  • Fool Me Nonce, by HardG Coben

  • The Wrong Side of the Garden Path, by Metonymical Connelly

  • The Wug Nest, by Cyrillic D’Approximant Sweeney

  • 1p.sg with 2p.sg, by Syllabia Day

  • The Obsessive Case, by Mora Roberts


  • Glot: The Power of Passivization and Perseveration, by Anglicism Duckworth

  • Origos: How Non-Configurationals Move the α, by Adstratum Grant and Shibboleth Sandberg

  • Deep Structure: Rules for Focused Superessives in a Distributed Morphology, by Cacuminal Newport

  • Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Morphology, by Character Duhigg

  • The Inelativable: Understanding the 12 Illocutionary Forces That Will Shape Our Tongues, by Klempen Kelly

  • Chaos Morphology: Obstruent Fortition and Perlocutionary Failure in Syllable Valley, by Antonymio Garcia Martinez

  • Messagey: The Power of Speech Disorders to Transform Our Grammars, by Timbre Harford

  • Linguonomics: How to Run a Linguistics Department, by Tombre Wainwright

  • Trillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of Active and Passive Articulators in Crisis, by Jussive mooD Vance

  • Evidential: Poverty of the Stimulus and Profit in the American City, by Matthew Desmond

  • Colon: A Guide to Subtitles, by The Increasingly Irked Editors of Panini Press

Science Fiction & Fantasy

  • Ʈɦᶒ Ӈỏỏƙ: A Novel, by Drawl Magary

  • The Diachronic, by Sub Jacency Kincaid

  • Allative Birds in the Sky, by Cherologie Japhetic Anders

  • The Inalienable Library, by Genetieve Cogman


  • The Hidden Life of Syntax Trees: What They Feel, How They CommunicateDiscoveries from a Secret World, by Patronymic Wohlleben and Stress-Timmed Flannery

  • Welcome to the Universal Grammar: An Asterisk-Laden Tour, by Null deGrasse Tyson and Minimal A. Strauss

  • Seven Brief Lessons on Phylology, by Caron Rovelli

  • Algorithms to Speak By: The Computer Science of Human Language, by Branching Christian and Logatom Griffiths

  • The Generatives: An Intimate History, by Sandhirtha Mukherjee

  • Grunt: The Curious Evolution of Human Speech, by Marginalia Roach

Young Adult

  • *The Asterisk Is Also a Star, by Nickonama Yoon

  • Salt to the C-Command, by Runica Sepetys

  • Hortativeless, by Markednessa Meyer

  • The Singing Tones, by Schwan Tan

  • If I Were Your Girl, and Knew How to Use the Subjunctive, by Meronymyth Russo


  • The Secret Kopulars, by Truncation Leet Stewart, Diagrama Sudyka

  • The Night Garden Path Sentence, by Emic Fan, Tone-Terracing Fan

  • Tongue Twist, Linguist, by Andative Beaty


/təmeɪtoʊ/–/təmeɪtoʊ/Mondegreen Involution as Psychological WarfareMaj. J. Hendrix and Lt. Theskye Thissguy
Fly, Sigh, Sentence UglySiva Kalyan & Trey Jones
SpecGram Vol CLXXVIII, No 3 Contents