Not So Perry So-So—On Pragmatics, Fieldwork, and Imperialism—Əəәəᶕᵊ Ӛәəəәɚ Әәӛәₔ SpecGram Vol CLXXV, No 2 Contents Mix & Match †—Max & Mitch Ninelette

Bestsellers of 2015

At Panini Press, we continue to be Committed to the life and career of the Working Linguistbut All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Vowel. For your Amusement and Edification, we collect here the Bestselling Fiction and Non-Fiction Books of 2015, from Panini Press. All are now available at Fine Book Retailers world-wide.❦पा

  • Between the Word and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Co-Texts

  • Vowel Purity, by Jargonathan Franzen

  • Future Tenses: Everything Has Connotations, Everyone Uses Vernacular, and What We Can Do About It, by Marc Gerundman

  • Footnotes and Furies, by Lauren Greatvowelshiff

  • The Girl in the Quatrain, by Paucala Hawkins

  • The Life-Changing Magic of Talking Up..., by Marié Kondó

  • Onset a Watchmanthe highly anticipated sequel to To Trill a Mockingbirdby Harper Lexically

  • Queen of Shadow Pronouns, by Sarah J. Maarkedness

  • Ȟ is for Ȟaček, by Ȟelěn Mačdoňald

  • All the Bright Vowels, by Jennifer Native­speaker­intuition

  • /ˈjuːmənz/ of New York, by Brandon Standard-Dialect

  • Semi­colonoloc­imes, by Nasal Stephenson

  • An /ɛmbər/ in the Slashes, by Schəwaa Tahir

  • The Margin, by Andy Whispeir

  • The Invention of Natural Language Processing: Wilhelm von Humboldt’s New Word, by Anthimeria Wulf


Not So Perry So-SoOn Pragmatics, Fieldwork, and Imperialism—Əəәəᶕᵊ Ӛәəəәɚ Әәӛәₔ
Mix & Match †Max & Mitch Ninelette
SpecGram Vol CLXXV, No 2 Contents