Linguistics Nerd Camp—Bethany Carlson SpecGram Vol CLXXIX, No 1 Contents A Sample of Self-Definers—Et Cetera, Et Cetera—The SpecGram Book Elves™

Book ४१

A lover of words’s formations
Was prone to nonsensish gyrations,
And his many trickses
With silly suffixes
Oft led to strange verbifications.
—Κόμμα Ο᾿Κῶλον

The Sinitical script of East Asia
Is of plethoric Character nature,
The study of which
Makes the gray matter twitch,
And may cause cranial hyperplasia.
—Morris Swadesh III

What it costs your prestige you must see
And hark well, when you say [] for [ðiʲ],
The havoc you’re wreaking,
For socially speaking,
There’s just no variation that’s free.
—Pumptilian Perniquity

O Copier! My Copier!
O Copier! My Copier!
Our boring job is done;
The tomes relinquish’d every page,
the prize we sought is won;
The stapler’s near, its clunk I hear,
the pages are a-binding,
While adding to the books I steal,
my backpack full to bursting:

But O flash! flash! flash!
O the blinking lights of red,
Where on the panel my Copier says,
—α-Betty Abū Gida

Typographers love
and/or hate linguists’ love of
sɹǝʇʇǝl uʍop ǝpɪ̣sdn
—Boust R. O’Phedon

Linguistics Nerd CampBethany Carlson
A Sample of Self-DefinersEt Cetera, Et CeteraThe SpecGram Book Elves™
SpecGram Vol CLXXIX, No 1 Contents