SpecGram Vol CLXX, No ν Contents Strangecraft, Part I—Ruffles and Blood—Mikael Thompson

Special Supplemental Letter from the Editor

Once again our long-time colleague and comrade/editor-in-arms Mikael Thompson has provided some high-quality summer reading material (and in this case a novel’s worth of quantity, to boot) for the discriminating fan of linguistic themed fiction.

Strangecraft is a slow-burning weird tale, a detailed, personal story told against a stygian, cosmic-scale backdrop. The narrator wends his way through the wilds of post-Subsidence New England in search of an advanced degree in linguistics, but both he and the reader find considerably more than they bargained for in and around the environs of the Miskatonic Institute of Technology, as numerous dire secrets are unearthed, entrusted, or mislaid.

Thus, Speculative Grammarian, in association with and under the auspices of Psammeticus Press, is proud to present this monograph as a special summer reading supplement to Volume CLXX for our subscribersas well as our other, less remunerative readers.

P.S.: For those of you who can’t stand reading on your computer, or who just love your e-reader more than life itself, the entire Strangecraft novel is available as a PDF for a nominal fee. You can peruse all the SpecGram-related books and book-like entities on the SpecGram Books page.

The image used on the cover, Тэмтрүүлийн төгөл тогтуун салхинд чичрэх нь, ©2014 by Trey Jones, is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0.

Strangecraft, Part I—Ruffles and Blood—Mikael Thompson
SpecGram Vol CLXX, No ν Contents