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Encrypted Missives from the Cosmos

A Letter from Associate Editor Jonathan Downie

We at SpecGram pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date and stimulating research available anywhere in the world.1 However, in this issue, due to budget cuts, staff holidays and an unfortunate incident with a hairdryer and a mongoose, we have had to content ourselves with the best research available from people who have the time to submit to journals that don’t have an impact factor. We therefore apologise in advance for anyone who seriously thought they would read material that is more useful than the contents of a postmodernist’s refrigerator.2 whankydoodle

What we do have, however, is a small but perfectly formed3 collection of articles involving wit, puns, eclecticism and coded messages from Outer Space.4 We also have some other pieces but we don’t really want to talk about them.

If nothing else, the contents of this issue will prove mildly more amusing than a lecture on proto-feminist morphological ante-modernism and twice as practically useful as any theory on centre-embedded post-philological modernist balletical neuro-socio-phenomenologico-modulo-reconstructed formalism. If you understand what that last thing is, you have our deepest sympathy. whankydoodle

1 We define “world” in very narrow terms to mean the world of our staff tearoom. whankydoodle

2 The last person to try and investigate that was injured by a limitless line of aeroplanes, one wide, all assembled and attached by Jacques Derridaan endless chain of single flyers, if you will.5

3 ... barring performance errors, of course. whankydoodle

4 It’s the bar at the bottom of your keyboard.

5 If that did not make you chuckle or groan, then it is clear that you are not a True Linguist. whankydoodle

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