The Man Who Left His Deictic Center in San Francisco—Edward Tapir and Benjamin Wharf SpecGram Vol CLXX, No 1 Contents From the Archives!—A Stone Word—The SpecGram Archive Elves™

Deluxe Layered Model of Linguistics

by Bjorn-Bob Weaselflinger

*Choice of colors not guaranteed to match intuitions of any professional linguists. Conception of relationship of Lexicon to Grammar not guaranteed to match all theoretical models. Existence of external reality (including sound) void where prohibited by postmodernism, solipsism, and some forms of constructivism. Existence of extralinguistic meaning void where prohibited by deconstruction. In situations where existence of language play threatens formal generalizations, no guarantee is made that theory will acknowledge the existence of language play. Proportional areas occupied by syntax and morphology may vary per local language. Manufacturer reserves the right to substitute graphemic or kinesthemic components in place of phonology where sound is not available. Keep pragmatics away from small children, pets, and Sunday morning talk show commentators. Product may refer to peanuts, shellfish, wheat gluten, and/or wugs. Do not mock pragmatics. Ever.

The Man Who Left His Deictic Center in San FranciscoEdward Tapir and Benjamin Wharf
From the Archives!A Stone WordThe SpecGram Archive Elves™
SpecGram Vol CLXX, No 1 Contents