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Universal Grandma

Since the dawn of linguistics, scholars of all stripes have looked for that one rule that connected all languages. In a new book from SpecGram, we have found it. Yes, the key to understanding all language origins and development is Universal Grandma.

Universal Grandma covers all the latest research in the field. In Pulju and Robson’s paper “Where’s me teef?”, read how Universal Grandma and the “removable dental appendage” principle are responsible for all phonetic shifts from dental to labiodental fricatives.

In Jones, et al.’s paper entitled, “Look at those chubby cheeks”, read how liquid and non-liquid consonant clusters are generated by latent cuteness and voiceless sloppy kisses.

Lastly in Downie’s essay entitled, “See when I was your age...”, read how linguistic conservatism in translation arises due to black and white films and nostalgia features.

It’s all new. It’s all yours. It’s all the work of respectable linguists. It’s Universal Grandma. Buy it now or “I’ll whack you with a switch.”

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The Ro-Zeta StoneThe SpecGram Puzzle Elves™
SpecGram Vol CLXVII, No 1 Contents