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by Trey Jones and Keith Slater


GREEN COG  =  ________ + __
__ +  GNAT CON  =  ________ + __
__ +  RIOT WIG  =  ________ + __
__ +  TINY MAN  =  ________ + __
__ +  VEX ASPS  =  ________ + __
__ +  COP FIST  =  ________ + __
__ +  ORAL PRO  =  ________ + __
__ +  ACED IT  =  ________

The joy of Chomsky’s innovative “move-α” was that it freed the language/speaker/linguist/syntactician to move anything, anywhere, at any time, for any reason, as long as doing so didn’t violate any important principles or parameters (with the important ones being those that don’t obviously need to be violated to make one’s theoretical point). In a somewhat more constrained variety of that spirit, we present the following puzzle for your amusement.

To solve the Move-αnαgrαms puzzle, use seven of the eight letters in the first row to form a single word. Move the single unused letter to the second row, giving you eight letters. Now use seven of those letters to form a single word, and again, move the unused letter to the next row. Continue in this fashion until you have one seven-letter word for each row. Finally, use the seven letters you moved between rows to form yet another word.

If you can complete the puzzle and send your solution to the editors of SpecGram by March 15th, 2013, you could win a SpecGram magnet. The correct solution and winners, if any, will be announced in the upcoming April issue of Speculative Grammarian.

G E A M   A G I N   M C D I I
A M B I   N R P I   F O I L S
N E O L O G I S M   A G A I N
A M O R E   M O I R   N C A T
S Y N O N Y M   O R P A H    
      Y O U S E   P A T R I S
C A B S   A L O E   I E O A U
O N O   G R A M M A R   N N E
I N R A O   W E P T   C Y S T
W E R N E R   R I Y A L      
    O A D R A   R E G U L A R
H O W L   G R E I   A S A H I
O R I O N   E X C E P T I O N
C O N G O   A P A P   E K Y S
K U G Y O   L O L O   R A S K

The solution to last month’s Crossword for Historical Linguists is provided here.

One puzzlemeister this month correctly solved the puzzle, and so will receive a prize. Kudos! Two additional randomly chosen almost-solutions will arbitrarily and capriciously be awarded honorable mentions. Honorable mentions offer no tangible rewards, but are chock-full of intangibles, like honor, and glory, and the knowledge of a job well(-but-not-quite-well-enough)-done. Moderate congratulations all around.

This month’s winner is Eric Chen. This month’s honorable mentionees are Luise Dorenbusch and Mike Cahill.

iGrammoid Apps for Linguists and LinguistoidsAdvertisement
SpecGram Vol CLXVI, No 4 Contents