Synthetic Post-Comprehensionsim—A Theory on the Origin of Linguistic Gravity—Adam Graham SpecGram Vol CLXVI, No 3 Contents Crossword for Historical Linguists—Keith W. Slater

New Course Offerings in Linguistics

From l’École de SpecGram, Paris

NEW: Degree in Linguodontics

The Paris campus of l’École de SpecGram is pleased to announce the introduction of a new degree program in Linguodontics. This is a joint program with a leading dental school and we believe that it fills an important niche in the world of linguistic training.

Linguodontics is the subfield of linguistics that deals with the teeth. Courses relate to the arranging of teeth for the production of speech sounds, such as interdentals and dento-laterals. Language planners may make use of these skills to create novel speech sounds, if so desired.

The course will also equip students to solve real-world problems encountered in fieldwork, since typically the dental structure of the fieldworker and his/her informant are not strictly commensurable. A certified linguodontist can solve this problem by means of unilateral or bilateral dental adjustments, with the happy result that endangered languages may be properly documented.

For details of the new course offerings, contact l’École de SpecGram via the contact form on our website, or in care of the editors of Speculative Grammarian.

Synthetic Post-ComprehensionsimA Theory on the Origin of Linguistic GravityAdam Graham
Crossword for Historical LinguistsKeith W. Slater
SpecGram Vol CLXVI, No 3 Contents