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Replies, Rejoinders, Retorts, and Ripostes

A Letter from the Managing Editor

This month’s issue of Speculative Grammarian is full of the usual high quality contentwhat the kids these days refer to as awesome sauce, I do believe. This month’s sauce, though, is a special blend of old and newa metaphorical fusion cuisine of updates, follow-ups, and responses to earlier works.

In particular, our Letters Editor mentions our (alleged) colleague Al, rebuts an alleged nuclear linguist, and discusses Language Made Difficult, our witty and erudite wireless telesymposiumwhat the kids these days allegedly refer to as a podcast.

Of course there’s the ongoing series of Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know (a fan favorite), a new installment in our series on what the kids these days are referring to as linguocosmology, a strong challenge to the initial interpretation of the allegedly variable lexicon of 955, a mathematical reinterpretation of the Universal Language paradigm, and a surprising, revelatory addition to the canon of the anthropological linguistic study of eidetic pronouns, some two decades in the making.

Think of these new works not so much as retreads, but as reïmaginings (what the kids these days refer to as remixes) of the (alleged) original works, perhaps updated in a more leisurely and thoughtful manner than that of the original pell-mell rush to publish, perhaps written with a fiery sense of moral indignation at the wrongnesse obtús of the original, perhaps published only to appease the harsh and unforgiving demigods of tenure committees.

As with the Rosetta Stone, we may be unable to unscramble the authentic import or aim of these allegedly ameliorative (and abnormally alliterative) authors, alasalthough anyone attempting an astute analysis and anticipating abundant accolades almost always assumes absurdly. Abide advisedly! Adieu!

Letters to the Editor
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