Rotokan Revelations—Franny Irchow SpecGram Vol CLXIV, No 1 Contents Ruminating on Consonants—Werinda Clover

The Collected Wisdom of Linguists, Part Α

Aphoristically Conveyed from Ancient Sages

Collected and presented for your edification by
The SpecGram Council of Sages
including Jouni Maho, Bill Spruiell, Keith Slater,
Daniela Müller, David J. Peterson, and Trey Jones

In this first of three installments, we share with you the proverbial wisdom of ancient sages of philology and linguistics, honed and refined through the ages by the folk wisdom and common sense of the masses. Should you sense a contradiction, recall also that “Proverbs run in pairs.”

Rotokan RevelationsFranny Irchow
Ruminating on ConsonantsWerinda Clover
SpecGram Vol CLXIV, No 1 Contents