SpecGram, the Religion—Margo T. Cip, A. M. Grössten, & Strčprst Kskrzkrk SpecGram Vol CLXI, No 2 Contents

Crossword: Just In Case

by Keith Slater1

1. CASE: Pat hit the ball (as in Basque)
4. RRG equivalent of “subject” (abbr)
7. CASE: Pat hit the ball (as in Basque)
10. n non-restructuring infinitives (abbr)
11. Pollard and Sag’s model, without the structure? (abbr)
12. India’s smallest state, pre-nasalized
14. Vocative address for Pirahã case expert Everett
15. CASE: Pat went to Jakarta
16. US Assoc. for Krzyzewski, Izzo, Calipari, et al
17. Musician’s work opportunity, 1s.GEN
19. Proposed Sulawesi subgroup where you might find a distinction between actor focus and object focus
21. AKTIONSART: having an inherent endpoint (abbr)
23. CASE: Pat came out of the house
24. Analyses of English “case” such as that of 14 across
28. 1968 work by Noam and Morris (abbr)
31. Internat’l org. promoting accessible lang. data repositories
32. Case analyst’s surname before marriage
33. Negative disjunctives
34. CASE: I went with Pat
35. Volitional and controlling arguments
37. Tempe home of Interdisciplinary Committee on Linguistics (abbr)
38. Fee for using a road (orthographically degeminated)
39. Case features won’t help you distinguish this Niger-Congo subbranch from its sister branches
43. Home of all known case systems
47. Anagram of “euro”
48. Type of ticket available for same-day purchase when Fillmore gives a keynote address to the Annual Case Convention (abbr)
50. Prefix for “thlete” or “ngle”?
51. 1994 film featuring a
language-deprived childhood
52. A key that can help you align interlinearized case glosses
53. CASE: Pat cut it with a knife
54. CASE: The tree fell onto the house
55. CASE: Pat came from home
56. MODAL CASE: Pat can do it
       1  2  3         4  5  6         7  8  9        
10                              11                       12                13 
14                              15                       16                      
17                       18         19         20                             
                     21         22         23                                    
24  25  26                       27                       28  29  30 
31                              32                       33                      
34                       35                       36                             
                     37                       38                                    
39  40  41                       42         43         44  45  46 
47                              48         49         50                      
51                              52                       53                      
       54                       55                       56                      

1. Informal address for Pawley, when asking him about Oceanic case systems
2. Overstate the powerfulness of one’s theory of grammatical case
3. Asian language family lacking case morphology
4. Initial goal of aspiring case analyst
5. Cranberry morph in construction with span?
6. What it’s called when determiners indicate the same case as their head nouns
7. Greek prefix meaning ‘nine’
8. The components of an additive primary color model (incl. conj.)
9. Region whose name naturally bears Mongolian case enclitics
10. CASE: Pat hit the ball
13. CASE: Pat hit the ball
18. CASE: Pat’s house
20. Language Learning Strategies (abbr)
22. A person likely to analyze case systems, in Madrid or Managua
24. CASE: Pat is in the house
25. French speaker’s English greeting (eye- dialect version)
      26. Verbal inflectional categories (abbr)
27. Parenthetical imperative
28. Word order typical of languages with postpositional casemarkers
29. Affix for “position”
30. CASE: When Pat was a child
33. Nilo-Saharan subfamily in which Subject and Object may be marked by tone patterns on the noun
35. Labels that Dixon used to conceptualize ergativity
36. Vtr (agent [car], patient [trailer])
37. Where you might find an Oceanic case system used
39. CASE: I made dinner for Pat
40. In a Linguistic ___, even casemarkers can be borrowed
41. You cannot hear this casemarker
42. Lacking color; uninteresting
44. Ribosomal Ribonucleic Acid (abbr)
45. Condition which converts English genitive to -th
46. CASE: I gave Pat the book
49. CASE: counterpart to “direct”

1 With thanks to case experts Tim Pulju, Trey Jones, David Peterson and Jouni Maho

  T I P   W A S   P A L  
T A P E   A N Y   E M I T
X B A R   R T N   A B L E
S U S H I   I T A L I A N
      A S S   H A S      
M O R P H E M E S   S P E
A B C S   M I T   S U R E
Y O U   V A R I A T I O N
      A I N   C S O      
A B I L I T Y   C R O W S
W E L L   I E S   I B I D
E S S O   C A N   E E L S
  T E W   S H E   S Y L  

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SpecGram, the ReligionMargo T. Cip, A. M. Grössten, & Strčprst Kskrzkrk
SpecGram Vol CLXI, No 2 Contents