Opening Salvo—Two Mor Phoamists—SpecGram Morphomista Rebels SpecGram Vol CLX, No 1 Contents Uninvited Perspectives on the Morphome—SpecGram Council of Morphologians

Morphomatological Meanderings

By Epiphanios o Philomousos

I wandered down the corridor
A door there stood ajar
Interrogatives pouring out
With different intonations each
When I looked inside
I saw a syntactician and a prosodicist
Producing corpora.
At the far end of the corridor
Nouns were floating through the air
And a computational semanticist
Tried to catch them with synonymic nets
And neat mathematical equations.
But the third door, in the middle,
Was locked. A sign proclaimed:
“Access to morphologists only.”
What was inside? Morphomata.

Opening SalvoTwo Mor PhoamistsSpecGram Morphomista Rebels
Uninvited Perspectives on the MorphomeSpecGram Council of Morphologians
SpecGram Vol CLX, No 1 Contents