What is a Morphome?—David J. Peterson SpecGram Vol CLX, No 1 Contents Morphomatological Meanderings—Epiphanios o Philomousos

Opening SalvoTwo Mor Phoamists

SpecGram Morphomista Rebels

Mor Phoamist #1: I found another
morphome! Right here!
Mor Phoamist #2: No you didn’t.
Let go of the carbonator,
you trigger-happy nincompoop.

The image Plankton creates sea foam 2 ©2008 by Mila Zinkova, licensed for use
here and on the cover under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 1.0 Generic.

What is a Morphome?David J. Peterson
Morphomatological MeanderingsEpiphanios o Philomousos
SpecGram Vol CLX, No 1 Contents