Großwortbuch—Book Announcement from Psammeticus Press SpecGram Vol CLVIII, No 3 Contents Ling-Ken II—Mary Shapiro

The Business of Linguistics

Continuing with our Commitment to the everyday life and career of the Working Linguist, Panini Press is pleased to announce that the following popular titles in the field of the Business of Linguistics are now available at Fine Book Retailers world-wide.❦पा

  • How to Win Friends and Influence Journal Editors, by Dual Carnegie

  • Strategy and Syntactic Structure, by Alphabed Chandler

  • The Seven Generalization-Rescuing Strategies of Highly Successful Linguists , by Stenograph R. Covey

  • Emotional Linguistics, by Denotational Goleman

  • Active Speaking: How to Manage Your Phoneme Portfolio Like a Linguist in Less Than One Hour a Week, by Alliteration Hull

  • Who Moved My Constituent?, by Synthesizer Johnson

  • Capital Letters, by Koronal Marx

  • How to Succeed in Linguistics Without Really Trying, by Superord Mead

  • The Rise and Fall of Syntactic Planning, by Honorific Mintzberg

  • Forces of Formalism: the Rise of New Paradigms and What It Will Mean for Your Grant Proposal, by Voweli Nasr

  • Getting to /jɛs/: Negotiating Verbal Agreement Without Conjugating, by Brace M. Patton, Wellformed L. Ury, & Rigor Fisher

  • The Tongues of Nations, by Adamsapple Smith

  • The Third Sound Wave, by Alveolum Toffler

  • A Department and Its Beliefs, by Tmesis Watson, Jr.


Großwortbuch—Book Announcement from Psammeticus Press
Ling-Ken II—Mary Shapiro
SpecGram Vol CLVIII, No 3 Contents