SpecGram Vol CLVIII, No 1 Contents Letters to the Editor

In Briefs

A Letter from the Managing Editor

Contrary to your likely first impression, “In Briefs” is not a typo for “In Brief”. I am in fact sitting around in my underwear (or possibly someone else’sthey don’t look all that familiar) while composing this letter to our loyal readers. I can’t really remember whether it was a New Year’s resolution gone awry, a lost bet made with the good old boys in the mailroom, or a run-of-the-mill alien abduction that led me to be in this place in this state, but when I regained consciousness, sitting at my desk, I decided just to go with it. Happy New Year to all of our readers!

In other news, you have in your hands a brand-spanking new issue of SpecGram, which is a perfect way to start a brand-spanking new decade. The Noughties are over, and The Teens have begun. On a semi-linguistic note, this is a great opportunity to explain the difference between descriptivism and prescriptivism to mathematicians and other sciencey-types. Those who insist the “Teens” can’t refer to 2010 (or will not let go of the idea that the 21st century didn’t start until 2001) are prescriptivists. Be sure to let them know that you, as a descriptivist, are morally superior to them. It doesn’t make up for your poor math skills, but it still feels good.

Letters to the Editor
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