SpecGram Vol CLVII, No η½ Contents Summer Puzzle Mega Issue Solutions

Special Supplemental Letter from the Editor

First, I must say to you, the interested reader or frustrated puzzle-solver, that we at Speculative Grammarian are collectively very sorry for having taken so long to publish this supplement, which includes the solutions to the puzzles in the Summer Puzzle Mega Issue of SpecGram. The delay was caused in part by the unexpected volumerunning into the tens of thousandsof solution submissions that we received, and in part by the fact that Flo Zylum, our solution-checker, overindulged in Halloween sweets and slipped into a state of mobile catatonia (labelled a “hyperactive coma” by our in-house physician). By the time we found Flo, who had wandered on foot all the way to Idaho from our D.C. offices, the solution-checking was an additional six weeks behind.

Flo is all better now, and she has declared the official list of Top Five Mega Puzzle Solvers:

1stAdam Hesterberg of Princeton, New Jersey
2ndAdam Bernard & Kathryn Taylor of Cambridge, England
3rd (tie) Madalena Cruz-Ferreira of Cascais, Portugal
Sara Kessler of Rechovot, Israel
5thAmy Peters of Clive, Iowa

Prizes of various sorts (and of questionable value) will be distributed to the various winners.

Summer Puzzle Mega Issue Solutions
SpecGram Vol CLVII, No η½ Contents