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Now Under New Management!

The new Editors and Publishers of Panini Press are both pleased and saddened to make the bittersweet announcement that we have taken over management of the publishing house at this time. While the previous management’s Philosophy with respect to Linguistics was admirable, their Business Sense left something to be desired. We are thus re-launching Panini Press with a focus on categories of more relevance to the Working Linguist’s everyday life and career. ❦पा

Below is a selection of our more popular titles in the category of Self-Actualization for Linguists. All are now available at Fine Book Retailers world-wide.❦पा

  • Getting Things Said: The Art of Stress-Free Speech Production, by Devoiced Allen

  • Co-referent No More: How to Stop Referring to Others and Start Referring to Yourself, by Modaly Beattie

  • Irony John, by Reportedspeech Bly

  • The Power of Mouth, by Jussive Campbell

  • Don’t Sweat the Small Clause, by Researched Carlson

  • Airflow: The Physiology of Optimality Exhaled, by Minhaley Csikszentmihalyi

  • Women Who Run with the Words, by Clustera Punctola Estés

  • Markedness’s Search for Meaning, by Velarik Frankl

  • Men are from Morphemes, Women are from Voicelessness, by Jargon Gray

  • The Soul of a New Macron, by Trace Kidder

  • Guerrilla Myoelastic-Aerodynamic Theory, by Jaw Concord Levinson

  • The Power of Positive Theta-Marking, by Neogrammarian Variationist Peale

  • In the Sprachbund of Excellence, by Term Peters & Babble Waterman

  • Learned Optimality, by Mistranslation Seligman

  • The Power of Vowel: A Guide to Spiritual Enunciation, by Ecolect Tolle

  • The Head-Driven Life, by Rhetoric Warren


They Don’t Have a Word for It—Book Announcement from Psammeticus Press
Conlangers Anonymous—Advertisement
SpecGram Vol CLVII, No 4 Contents