On Logophoric Pronouns—John Miaou SpecGram Vol CLVII, No 4 Contents Simplificational Onomastics—Cletus McGraw
Yet Another Collection of Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know
(because they aren’t actually true)

gathered at great personal risk of
psycholinguistic harm from actual student tests
by Madalena Cruz-Ferreira

This fourth collection of students’ pearls of wisdom, laboriously digitised from hand-written test answers, demonstrates once again how students new to the study of language speculate about grammar after having imperfectly absorbed what their teachers think they have taught them.

The English languageGlobal English

Test questionArticulatory Descriptions


Describe the articulation of [w].


More to come...

On Logophoric Pronouns—John Miaou
Simplificational Onomastics—Cletus McGraw
SpecGram Vol CLVII, No 4 Contents