An Official Confession—Sartoris Ojars Sampson SpecGram Vol CLVII, No 1 Contents <i>Naggu Rotteya and the Grammarian’s Stone</i>—Announcement from Scholartastic Books

Third Announcement: Panini Press in Need of Manuscripts

Despite the best efforts of those dogs at Psammeticus Press to have us hounded out of the pages of Speculative Grammarian, and to have our noble press, committed solely to the betterment of Linguistics, run into the ground, we at Panini Press have enough of our initial start-up seed money left to make another plea in these hallowed pages, even with the recent increase in advertising rates, to the best and brightest scholars of Linguisticdom: come forward, join us, celebrate and revel in all that Linguistics publishing should be!

Publish now with what will come to be seen as the greatest Linguistic publishing powerhouse of all time, all but guaranteeing your place in academic history, or forever hold your peace. Unlike those mongrels, we will respect you, your expertise, your manuscript, giving you final editorial say in every major decision made between acceptance and publication.

Please! We are still hoping for your manuscripts! Do not let the dream of Linguistics Perfected die!❦पा

Due to continuing contractual complexities, we are putting our Antimetabole Linguistics Enterprise on hiatus for the foreseeable future. The Historicity of Texts and the Textuality of History, by the two moderately able scholars of historical sociopragmatic discourse analysis, Edgartina Olláphersen and Olafrinia Etkarzön, will not be published by Panini Press.❦पा

An Official Confession—Sartoris Ojars Sampson
Naggu Rotteya and the Grammarian’s Stone—Announcement from Scholartastic Books
SpecGram Vol CLVII, No 1 Contents