A <i>SpecGram</i> Crossword for Devoted <i>SpecGram</i> Readers and other Linguists and Researchers—Lila Rosa Grau SpecGram Vol CLV, No 4 Contents
You Can Earn A Degree In Langualogy
at the
Deictic Institute of Modern Blogging, University of Lower Bougravia
Newark, New Jersey Campus

Langualogy is the exciting new field of the study of language. The Department of Langualogy is comprised of former eminent scholars in the field of Linguistics who have realized that “linguistics” would be the study of “lingues”, and that’s just dumb. These famous academicians include:

Derk Bikerton
Leonarb Bloornfield
Noarn Chornsky
Davib Chrystal
Bemard Cornrie
         Mossis Halle
Williarn Laboff
Jorge Lakov
Stephen Pingker
Debra Tarrnen

The goal of Langualogy is to explore new, but familiar-sounding frontiers of the human and non-human language faculties. Below is a brief list of some of the most popular topics in Langualogy.

Antelopiological Langualogy:  Cultural and ungulate langualogy.
Capoeira Langualogy:  The language of martial arts and dance.
Competitional Langualogy:  “In your face!”, “You’re goin’ down!” and others.
Confutational Langualogy:  Refutational rhetoric.
Disgrace Analysis:  The study of embarrassing speech errors.
Fanatics:  The language of sports enthusiasts.
Faunology:  Ungulate language acquisition.
Fungshuional Langualogy:  The language of architecture and interior design.
Gazpachoi Langualogy:  (Advanced students only.)
Genialitive Langualogy:  The language of politeness.
Gigantitive Langualogy:  How language makes one the “bigger person”.
Hysterical Langualogy:  The language of 19th century women.
Langualogical Toparchy:  The use of hierarchical language in very local politics.
Moorfowlogy:  The language of the red grouse and related species.
Noirolangualogy:  The bleak language of crime novels.
Ovulationary Langualogy:  The cyclic nature of the language of modern women.
Phlegmatics:  The language of stoicism.
Schematics:  The language of diagrams.
Sickolangualogy:  The distinctive language patterns of sociopaths.
Somatics:  The study of how the body speaks to us.
Sushiolangualogy:  The interdisciplinary study of the language of raw fish consumption.

To pursue a Bacillar’s, Mister’s, or Dactylate degree in Langualogy at DIMB-ULB, send a complete application to the Department of Langualogy. Preference is given to polyglottal applicants, and those who can afford the standard CN$73,000 application fee. The application fee will be waived for new students if there have not been enough applicants by the Monday before classes begin.

A SpecGram Crossword for Devoted SpecGram Readers and other Linguists and Researchers—Lila Rosa Grau
SpecGram Vol CLV, No 4 Contents