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Get Your Handbaskets Here

A Letter from the Managing Editor

In this issue, we have allowed Skip Tacular, an up-and-coming Junior Editorial Associate, unprecedented freedom to take unprecedented advantage of the unprecedented access he has had in the SpecGram offices over the last couple of years, in order to write and publish an unprecedented article, revealing unprecedented detail concerning the unprecedented editorial process within SpecGram. This is, in a word, unprecedented. It is so unprecedented that, in fact, the senior editorial staff have had to agree to let Skip’s article be published without their review. The only limitation has been that editors’ real names not be usedand I hear that Skip has complied with that requirement.

We shall see whether Skip still works here next month.

In related news, we have allowed another deviation from our normal editorial tone in order to bring you Linguistic Koans. Normally, this sort of unscientific hogwash would not be tolerated in our journal, but several senior editors claim to have experienced actual enlightenment from contemplating them. The rest of the editorial team decided that, rather than fight a losing battle against the new age nut jobs we now find in our midst, we should let them have their way and be done with it. This issue has already gone to hell in a handbasket.

Our apologies to the other authors who have had their work tarnished by inclusion in this issue. Sucks to be you.

Letters to the Editor
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