Eating the Wind—An Anthropological Linguistic Study of the Xoŋry—Claude Searsplainpockets SpecGram Vol CLI, No 4 Contents Samurai LingDoku: LingDoku—But So Much More So—Trey Jones
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The Chiasmus Linguistics Project
presented by Psammeticus Textbooks in Linguistics

Inspired by William O. Hendricks’ 1976 classic Grammars of style and styles of grammar, Psammeticus Press presents The Chiasmus Linguistics Project, which offers important, cleverly titled books on a wide variety of meaningful linguistic topics in linguistically meaningful fields that vary as widely as the books which both are titled so cleverly and are so important.

Recent titles include:

  • The Foundations of Morphology and the Morphology of Foundations: An exploratory exploration, by Teresa Anna Garcia Lopez and Ana Theresa Lopes Garsia.

  • Semantics: The syntax of meaning and the meaning in syntax, by Jon Petersen and Peter Johnson.

  • The Semiotics of Poetry and the Poetry of Semiotics, by Abdullah bin Mohummad and Muhemed ibn Abdalla.

  • The Language of Ethnicity and the Ethnicity of Language: The link between the culture of communication and the communication of culture, by Jean-Claude Gilbert and Claude Gilberzhan.

  • Discourse as Metaphor and the Metaphors of Discourse, by Alison Jacks, Jack Ahlissen, and Alice Jackson.

  • “I Ching, Therefore I Am”: Puzzles in Chinese morphology, and the morphology of Chinese puzzles, by Xiu-xiu Xu and Yo-yo Yang.

  • Alliterative Allophones in Icelandic: Abstract phonology and phonological abstractions, by Eric Leifsen and Leif Ericsen.

  • The Linguistics of Surveys: A survey of the linguistic issues, by Van von Venn and Ven von Vann.

  • Linguistic Anthropology and Anthropological Linguistics: WTF?, by Watt Thi Fock.

Eating the WindAn Anthropological Linguistic Study of the XoŋryClaude Searsplainpockets
Samurai LingDoku: LingDokuBut So Much More SoTrey Jones
SpecGram Vol CLI, No 4 Contents