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Speech Disorders as Indicators of
Potential for Lyrical Success

by Ozzie Tchomzkij
Rock Glossologist to the Stars

In recent decades, there has been a subtle shift in popular music, as the idea that the human voice itself can be considered an instrument, rather than merely a delivery system for lyrics, has gained widespread acceptance among the general



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This has led to the recognition and thus to the success of such singers as Kate Bush, Cyndi Lauper, and Pat Benatar, whose ethereal voices have a purity of tone unmatched among mere mortals. Most singers looking to make a name for themselves, though, do not have the kind of staggering talent that, for example, the divine Kate Bush does. However, those who are able to make some reasonable pretense at “vocal stylings” can often gain some measure of successin fact, often more success than the angelic and most deserving Ms. Bush. (Thus the abomination that is Celine Dionbut I digress.)

One unexpected source of vocal uniqueness is speech disorders. While some may still recall fading country music star Mel Tillis’s stutter (which went away when he sang), most do not realize the evidence of other speech disorders in many popular songs:

None of these insights, however, can explain the disturbing phenomenon of the dreaded “Boy Band”. These talentless frat-boy wannabes might be able to understand the ideas in this
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— Maude
paper if only they had two brain cells to rub togetherbut they don’t. Their success comes from a more mundane sourcemassive corporate marketing to impressionable but not particularly discerning young girlsand lies outside the scope of this article.

Perhaps a new musical act will soon emerge, with a lead singer with not only a touch of dysarthria and Wernicke’s aphasia, but also apraxia and Broca’s aphasia. Or, I think, after having recently listened to a certain hardcore thrash-punk/flamenco/death-metal/emo/zydeco band out of L.A., perhaps that has already come to pass. If so, expect to see Supernova Wombat Lick rocket to superstardom in the years to come.

Parable of the Two Kingdoms—Metalleus
Generative Speech Recognition: A competence model of ASR—Stanislaus Gorky
SpecGram Vol CLI, No 2 Contents