Our Plans to Take Over the LINGUIST List

Honestly, it’s more of something the interns are noodling around with in their spare time. They don’t really have the means, or a well-formed plan. But the accounting interns have figured out that at their current savings rate, they should have enough money to pay for a month of running the LINGUIST List in, oh, about 113 years, give or take a quarter or two.

Sure, the SpecGram interns aren’t really raking in the dough, but it’s pretty expensive to run the LINGUIST List. (They’d save some money if they’d just flog their interns harderwe keep trying to tell them that it works, but that’s “not who they are” or something.)

So, while we’re waiting for this takeover plan to come to fruition at some point in the next centurythe interns are so cute when they are planning mischief and mayhemwhy don’t you help out the LINGUIST List right now?