Choose Your Own Career in Linguistics

You ask your labmate what she thinks of the device you built..

You hand it to your labmate, and ask “What do you think of this?”

She turns it over in her hands, then says, “I have no idea.” She then throws it back to you, saying, “What is it?”

It lands in your hands oddly, and you press the big obvious button on the device, while twisting several knobs and flipping a switch or two. There is an explosion of light.

The lab is leveled. The project is utterly destroyed. Several physics grad students suffer concussions or broken bones. Your labmate is knocked unconscious. They never find your body, and they set up a small memorial plaque in your honor once the new lab is built.

You, however, are not dead. You activated the device in an unexpected way, and have been transported elsewhere... and elsewhen.