Choose Your Own Career in Linguistics

You work on the temporal wormhole project..

Forget SETIthey are never going to contact anyone, anywaythis temporal wormhole thing is awesome! You daydream of hearing Chaucer reading The Canterbury Tales in his own Middle English, in his own voice.

Unfortunately, you daydream a little too much one day, and cross a couple of wires on the trans-phasic ion-coupling demodulator, and there is a horrendous explosion. The lab is leveled. The project is utterly destroyed. Several physics grad students suffer concussions or broken bones. They never find your body, and they set up a small memorial plaque in your honor once the new lab is built.

You, however, are not dead. Your crossed wires opened a very large but unstable wormhole for 517 milliseconds, andcontrary to all expectations that only sound would be able to travel along the wormholeyou fall through.