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A Strange Datum From Deep Onomastic Space

Fom Pop
University of Alberta

Inspection of the structure of the surnames of four well-known linguists of (Neo-)Praguian persuasion brings a peculiar datum to light: namely, that all four share the same (proto- or profundo-) root:

jákəbsən    <    jāk  +  kew  +  sūno
karcéfski    <    kārl  +  kew  +  skī
isáčenko    <    isāk  +  kew  + 
stæŋkjévič    <    stān  +  kew  +  ītjo

This analysis suggests the following:

  1. Each of these famous personalities was/is the genealogical zenith in a direct line from, respectively, Jack, Karl, Isaac and Stan Kew.

  2. Jack’s line prospered in a Germanic setting, hence the change w > b / __s and the suffix sūno.

  3. Karl, Isaac and Stan were from stock of a more easterly origin, hence the Slavic suffixes, the lexical accommodation of the ending -ewko > -enko, and the three (different) Slavic palatalizations. It is reasonable to suppose that they were three brothers, and that Isaac was the oldest and Stan the youngest (because of the relative chronology of these three palatalizations).

  4. Is it a coincidence that there is a Kew Gardens near London, England? Is it yet another, that according to legend the city of Kyjiv was founded by one of three brothers?

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Note on the peH3 Root in French—Andrée Borillo, et al.
The Derivation of ‘Moses’ from ‘Middletown’—Metalleus
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