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Tom Ernst

Featured programs for our first week


2 PM (every weekday): As the Word Turns. (Soap Opera) The exciting story of John and Mary and their turbulent life of labialization, breathy voice, and illicit embedding.

8 PM: The Streets of San Francisco. S. I. Hayakawa tries to control TOUGH-Movement and VIP-Deletion in the streets.


7:30 PM: The Odd Copula. Felix and Oscar try to account for Bea’s strange behavior.

9 PM: Fantasy Theatre. “Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously”.


9 PM: Science Fiction Theatre. “Juncture in Space”. Colonel String pulls out his Nasal Plosion bomb to battle the insidious Dr. Phoney, whose Deletion Ray has wiped out whole populations.


8:30 PM: Ben Case-Grammar. Dr. Case-Grammar is accused of going out on too many datives with nurses, but is nominated for an award when he is instrumental in diagnosing a case of painful EMPH-nodes.

10 PM: Mary Have-Be, Mary Have-Be. A strange transformation comes over Mary as she learns that flying planes can be dangerous.


7:30 PM: The Great Debate. Otto Yes-person and NoMa’am Chomsky discuss “Should the Syn Tax Be Repealed?”

Next week, a panel of experts will try to elucidate the nature of the ambiguous , centering on whether its deep structure is , or if the Vertical Theory better accounts for the facts.


7:30 PM: Concert. Bach’s “Air on an Input String” and Chomsky’s “Sonata I Hope to Compose Some Day”.

9 PM: Horror Theatre. “The Terrifying Hair-Raising Rule”.


4 PM: The American Linguist. Hans Kurath with Curt Gowdy stalking the New England Glottal Stop.

Future shows will feature J. R. Ross and George Lakoff diving for Deep Structures in the Sea of Ambiguity, and a jungle safari to hunt john Lions, jerrold Cats, and franz Boas.

Linguistic Influences In Recent Research On Music—James D. McCawley
Doer’s Profile—Evan Smith
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