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To Deify

Roman Jakobson

Essays on the Occasion
of His Seventieth Birthday

14 October 1976

Volume XXV

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To Deify Roman Jakobson

Volume XXV

Linguistics and Language Editor: Bruno Dončikov

Želtopupenkov, V.L.
Statistical Summary of Numeral Use in XIV Century South Slavic Žitija (on Birch Bark)
Potrebenja, N.O.
Applying the Double Helix to the Russian One-stem Verb System and Declension of Cardinal Numbers
Comaneçi, N.
Albanian Reality Markers
Koidula, L.
Tartu or -vous: Speech Registers in Estonian
Nonoson, N.
Environments for Nasalizing Non-Nasalized Consonant Clusters Preceded by /u/ or /uu?/ in Fino-Ugric Languages
Šiškov, Adm.
Ъ → ∅ [C __#]: The Revolutionary Step that Allowed Reader’s Digest to condense War and Peace by One-third
Molokosos, M.M.
Grimm and Havlík: Innovators or Boat Rockers
Barker, J.
Language in Flux: The Bayonne Slavicists
Botev, Kh.
Short Necks, Low Vowels: South Slavic Phonology
Baker, R.L.
Russian Phonological Irregularities: Is the [ž] Really Similar to the English [r]?
Solubug, N.I.
Position and Permutations in Russian Word Order: A Discussion of Unwieldy Simple Sentences
Xamskij, N.
Avanesov et al.
Óžegov or Ožegóv, Gvózdev or GvozdëvSomething Else to Worry About
Niemand, R.
Observations on the Declension of the Non-Existent Definite Article in Russian

To Deify Roman Jakobson

Volume XXV


Literature Editor: I.M. Slon

Steiner, G.
Was Tolstoj Catatonic?
Bezimenov, A.S.
Šoloxov’s Unpublished Epos Rendered in English: And Quiet Flows the Mastodon
Slabozapjastjan, G.O.
Zinaida Gippius: God-Man or Man-God?
Loser, T.
Crime and Punishment: Slice of Life?
Passenger, S.
An Analysis of Axmatova’s “Poem without a Beginning” (1967)
Baxtin, M.
Pečorin’s Cape and Akakij’s Overcoat: Symbol or Security Blanket?
Shame, A.
Was We Just an Allegory for a Bingo Game?
Levitsky, A.
Socialist Realism Refracted through Lomonosov’s Letter on the Use of Glass (Old Wine in New Bottles)
Babuškin-Toporovna, B.T.
The Inverted Icon: Leskov and the Ruralist Tradition
Balkon, V.
Nekrasov’s Aesthetic Dilemma: Belinskij’s Boots or the Russian Soul
Troyat, H.
Car’ Nikita i ego sorok dočerej: the Mythic Quest
Lunt, H.
Why is Old Russian Literature filed under PG? A Case for the Equality of English ‘smut’ and Russian ‘smutnoe vremja’
Upjerskij, K.D.
Vronskij, Catherine the Great, and their Mutual Affinity for “slightly-flared nostrils”
Mandel’buz, O.
Gumilëv and Gor’kij: You Can’t Win Them All

New Works In Linguistics Press Catalog for Winter 1974—Elan Dresher
Stepfather Goose or Just Take a Gander—U No Hu
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