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Recent Advances in Linguistics


Language... is found deep within the mind. (S. Schane)

In order to maintain the crossover constraint it is necessary to draw a distinction between the circumstances in which the constraint may be violated and those in which it is valid. (I. Howard)

What we must do now is to change linguistic theory so that this ‘wrong’ solution will be the right solution. (P. Kiparsky)

In some cases the decision to use a phonological feature... may have been made under illicit historical stimulation. (P. Kiparsky)

...hence I propose that curly brackets be banished from linguistics. (J. McCawley)

It is at least possible. (R. Lass)

But is it crucial? (D. Dinnsen)

These exceptional vowels will therefore be excluded from the present domain of explanation. (G. Sanders)

If both the two first syllables are short, stress is normally on one or the other. (Kroeber & Grace)

Autodescriptives—Leonard Talmy
Important Idioms in Contemporary Science—Metalleus
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