Linguist of Fortune -- JLSSCNC Vol I, No 1 Contents The Learner’s Task--Keith Slater

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Linguist of Fortune is published in South-Central New Caledonia by three-foot high, one-armed dwarfs from Arcturus 3. Any criticism of the printing job is likely to result in the total destruction of our planet by these basically friendly but unfortunately short-tempered beings. Therefore, we request that you limit your negative comments to the content rather than the production design of this journal.

Cui donamus lepidum novum libellum? To anyone who wants it. If you, the reader, know anyone else who might want to receive copies of LOF, ask them to write to our branch office in the United States, at 6500 S. Main #169, Houston, TX 77030. In fact, you should send all correspondence to that address, since the postal delivery system of New Caledonia, while dependable, is very slow.

Above all, send us articles for publication. We have probably the most lenient editorial policy around: we’ll print just about anything that’s not too long or too offensive. We also are ready to print reviews, irate discussion notes, poems, cartoons, whatever. So please, send us whatever you’ve got, and you could be published tomorrow.

[SpecGram Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, JLSSCNC is no longer accepting submissions, and their offices have long closed. However, submissions that would have been appropriate for JLSSCNC would also be appropriate for Speculative Grammarian. See our submissions page for more information. Our editorial policy continues the tradition of leniency that JLSSCNC embraced.]

The Learner’s Task--Keith Slater
Linguist of Fortune -- JLSSCNC Vol I, No 1 Contents