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International Entomological Linguistics Society

IELS will hold its annual business meeting and symposium on Acre 57, Tract 100,253,006 of Amazonia State, Brazil, October 17-22, 1998. As usual, paid-up members of the society are urged to submit papers on any suitable topic. The following is a list of suitable topics:

  1. Arthropodological linguistics

IELS is also pleased to announce that the following invited lectures will be presented at the meeting:

Due to incidents of inappropriate behavior at previous IELS meetings, the Board of Governors has been forced to promulgate the following code of conduct for all attendees at this year's conference.
  1. Mantises are asked to please refrain from eating other attendees.
  2. Ladybugs are reminded that conference fees cannot be refunded for anyone who leaves early citing "a domestic emergency".
  3. Wasps from different Indo-European countries must promise not to get into arguments over the correct order of the phonemes /p/ and /s/ in their name.
  4. Human linguists must pledge not to:
    1. step on anybody
    2. swat anybody
    3. spray anybody
    4. imprison anybody in a specimen jar, and above all
    5. stick a pin through anybody and mount him/her on a piece of paper or a pegboard (even if the victim is a really rare species who could fetch thousands of dollars on the international beetle market)
  5. Out of politeness, bees should not sting humans who are allergic. Ask first. If they're not allergic, go ahead and sting 'em if you want to; it's your funeral.

Poetry Corner--Keith Slater
SpecGram Vol CXLVIII, No 3 Contents