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Toward a Universal Typology of Noun Phrases

One of the most noteworthy things about noun phrases in lots of languages is that they contain nouns. Usually at least one noun, sometimes more. Like, in the noun phrase below.

(1) The cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon, the little boy blue and the man in the moon.

I think that's a noun phrase, and possible more than one. I'm not really sure, cause I was kind of zoning when my prof explained noun phrases in Ling 101. But he's such a total dork, so I figure if he can do it I can. I mean like come on, this is a guy who wears polyester pants with Adidas. And at least I know what a noun is and theres lots of them in that sentence.

Now, as far as verb phrases, which are a little bit off the topic but I pretty much covered noun phrases already and I've got like almost a whole page left to fill in. Verb phrases I don't really understand but I remember I used to date this guy in high school, and he was taking Latin cause he heard it was an easy A, and he said "verb" is just, like, the Latin word for "word". Which kind of totally blew my mind at the time almost, especially since he said the "v" was pronounced like a "w" which I totally don't get at all. But then (and this is the sort of thing I would never have gotten in high school) I figured out that a verb phrase must just really be like a word phrase, you know? I mean, so a verb phrase is what my prof called a "superordinate category" (I know I got that right, because it's in the book) and a noun phrase is a "subordinate category". If you don't know what that means, you probably didn't take the class, but its like, a noun phrase is like a kind of verb phrase. So a noun phrase is a subordinate category, see? And I was like so ticked off at my prof, because I put that on the test and he marked it wrong. Only I guess he doesn't grade the tests himself, he's got this really geeky grad student who does it. And this guys, like, completely 404, okay? Like long hair and doesn't take baths. He's, like so Kurt Cobain. I bet the reason he took points off was he was mad he didn't think of it first. I should complain to the prof, but he's so 404 himself theres no point. I mean, like I really care. I'm taking the class pass-fail anyway, so duh.

Okay, I guess I let my tone "drift" a little bit, which my writing TA says is a problem I have, too. But he's such a total dweeb, too. I mean, the grad students at this university are all so lame. Are they really all like that? And I don't see why he won't let me write the way I talk. Like, even my ling prof, and he says I know English perfect because I'm a native speaker. So who are they to tell me how to write? Its such a total scam.

In this paper, many important aspects about noun phrases were considered and several important conclusions concerning noun phrases were reached. This paper has dealt with many significant factors involved with noun phrases.

Cynthia Polarczik

The Ohio State University

A Reconsideration of the Sino-Kiowan Problem--Tim Pulju
Legal Proceedings--A. Katz
SpecGram Vol CXLVIII, No 3 Contents