SpecGram Vol CXLIX, No 1 Contents Letter to the Editor--Minimal Forests

From These Ashes...

A Letter from the Managing Editor

The long and oft-chronicled history of Speculative Grammarian has taken another surprising twist. After a respectable run in the semi-tropical jungles of Houston in the 1990's, SpecGram simply fell off the map for a time.

Driven underground by a far-reaching conspiracy among lesser linguistics journals, SpecGram made a recent comeback on the web. Internet re-publication from SpecGram's virtual offices has transmogrified this journal from a hard target in the real world to an electronic ghost. Former conspirators can no longer reach us, as we the individuals behind the journal have--for all intents and purposes--ceased to exist. Only the unsullied beacon of SpecGram remains.

The resurrection of SpecGram is due in large part to a shadowy and powerful benefactor who brought several former high-level editors together under unusual circumstances, and convinced us that we must not only bring our priceless archives to the web, but also that we must continue to press forward with our mission: bringing the best that Linguistics and allied fields have to offer to the truth-seeking public, but not in that icky National Enquirer sort of way.

Old comrades have re-united. New recruits have been brought into the fold. The shining light of truth has never been brighter, nor more focussed. In this first issue of a new volume (CXLIX.1), we bring together a fine sampling of the quality analysis and cutting insight that SpecGram has come, over the years, to represent. Enjoy!

From the proverbial ashes the clichéd Phoenix has risen.

We're back, and we're here to kick ass and take names.

Letter to the Editor--Minimal Forests
SpecGram Vol CXLIX, No 1 Contents