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/nuz baɪts/

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Linguistic Department Sued for False Advertising

Not since Dr Qwerty U Iop invented the modern keyboard has there been such a kerfuffle in the linguistics fraternity. A recent judgment from the Upper Court of Lower Standards has found that the Linguistics Department of the University of West Eastville broke false advertising rules with its poster which featured the words “Learn IPA here”.

The poster was seen by a group of first year brewing students who thought it was for a class on the artisanal production of India Pale Ale and signed up not expecting to be required to produce trills, plosives and bilabial stops on command.

Despite protestations from the department to the effect that the students should have known it was a dry departmentas it was known that everyone there were ex-bar linguiststhe court found in favour of the students. The main reasoning was that no-one could possibly sit through a linguistics class, especially a theoretical one, while sober.

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LinguimericksBook ९३
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