University News SpecGram Vol CXCI, No 2 Contents Where’s -e Gone?—Jan van der Dam van Amsterdam

Book ८८

This paper you’ve given to me
Is as far from the truth as can be.
It has artful syntax,
But meaning it lacks:
Was it written by GPT-3?
—Pete Bleackley

My brother’s fave dialogue’s Phædo
And his fave Star Wars character’s Greedo.
Now that’s pretty bad,
But there’s worse to be said:
He only speaks Klingon and Ido.

There once was a thinker contrarian
Who claimed that what we call Sumerian
Was a programming language
For old flood control tankage
With a manual writ’n in Bulgarian.
—Pumptilian Perniquity

I wish I had known Ludoviko
And considered him mia amiko.
Though he went with Germanic
For knabo, no panic;
He’s still a most excellent chico.
—Lo-Lo Zow

If someone thinks colourless green
Ideas sleep furiously then
There’s no point engaging
As they’ll answer, raging,
“But what can you possibly mean?”
—Bertha the Cake Cuddler

The accusative -n termination
Is a neat little piece of creation:
A regular, neat
Zamenhovian feat
Which needs little to no explanation.
—Sam ’n’ Hoff

University News
Where’s -e Gone?Jan van der Dam van Amsterdam
SpecGram Vol CXCI, No 2 Contents