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Scots Wikipedia Exposed As Fake

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Wikipedia is in shock after it was revealed that the entire Scots edition was the work of one American teenager, who doesn’t speak Scots, and simply wrote 23,000 articles in badly-spelt English.

Jonny Scotland, of the Wikimedia Foundation, said, “Och aye the nu! Hau cid a thing laik this a happined? Wikipedia’s meant tae bi self-korrectin, an aw. Why did naebidy ivver fix this? Hi’s meyd fools o the whole boilin o us. It’s aw a lot of auld gyper!”

Scots-speaking Wikipedians were unavailable for comment, since apparently, there aren’t any.

Letters to the Editor
LinguimericksBook ७७
SpecGram Vol CLXXXVIII, No 3 Contents