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What is SpecGram Doing in Response to COVID-19?

The SpecGram Pandemic Response Team Interns

As the scourge of COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in linguistics departments, universities, and elsewhere around the world, the average linguist may feel overwhelmed and helpless. To comfort our readers, we present what are possibly the nine most reassuring words in the English language: “We’re from Speculative Grammarian, and we’re here to help.”

Below we outline the steps we are taking internally to slow the spread of COVID-19, followed by recommendations for linguists everywhere.

What SpecGram is Doing For Everyone

What SpecGram Recommends You Do for Yourself

Unfortunately, the SpecGram Pandemic Response Team was disbanded in 1618. An unnamed senior editor responsible for the decision at the time left a written record of the decision process: “Some of the scholars we cut, they haven’t been used for many, many decades. And if we have a need, we can get them very quickly. And rather than spending the moneyand I’m a business linguistI don’t like having thousands of people around when you don’t need them. When we need them, we can get them back very quickly.” Turns out that several centuries later, it is not so easy to “get them back very quickly”; a few internsseveral of whom may even be somewhat competenthave (been) volunteered to take on this important task.

Making Metalanguage Great AgainMattie Langwich
Good Enough for Folk EtymologyPart XA. Pocryphal & Verity du Bius
SpecGram Vol CLXXXVII, No 2 Contents