In Memoriam: An Esteemed Colleague and Friend—Dr Barry Allen Grey-Vyaard SpecGram Vol CLXXXVII, No 1 Contents Θησαυρός Γρίφος—Ternion Crave

Presuppositories for Felicitous Discourse

We’ve all been there. Your utterance was tainted by an incorrect implicit assumption, and now you know why they say you shouldn’t assume. Next time, insert Presuppositories into your life and produce a felicitous discourse.

Did you look like an idiot when you asked about the situation in French Somaliland? See why Africans recommend Presuppositories for Djibouti!

Presuppositories are endorsed by the Australian Research Society for English to avoid ambiguities with local accommodation down under. Be unfiltered and plug that hole with Presuppositories!

Need to ask a loaded question to rebut your opponent’s theory? Try Professional Presuppositories, because pulling something out presupposes there’s something there to begin with.

Worried you’ll make an ass of yourself at tonight’s cocktail party when you butt into the conversation asking whether the current king of France is bald? Presuppositories PM are there for you where the sun don’t shine!

Bottom line, you’ll be over the moon for Presuppositories: The perfect prior for your posterior!

And afterward, stay logically fresh with In*Tail*Mints!

In Memoriam: An Esteemed Colleague and FriendDr Barry Allen Grey-Vyaard
Θησαυρός ΓρίφοςTernion Crave
SpecGram Vol CLXXXVII, No 1 Contents