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Linguistic Fortune Cookies

Restaurateursand their etymologically erroneous cousins, restauranteursknow that having a location near a linguistic departments can be... complicated. Linguists have an annoying habit of trying to pronounce menu items in languages they don’t know, for example. On the other tongue, they are surprisingly good tipperspossibly because linguistics attracts kind-hearted people, or perhaps because it attracts people who are bad at math and afraid of appearing socially awkward.

Linguists also, if we’re being totally honest here, don’t really get a lot of validation from the general publicwhich makes them easy marks easy to impress with custom, linguistically-themed merchandise. However, since linguists also tend to be poor, your best bet is to inspire brand loyalty with inexpensive linguistically-themed items.

Our team of crack Linguistics Anthropologists* has determined that our first linguistically-themed foray into the burgeoning field of linguistically-themed food production should be linguistically-themed fortune cookies. An example cookie and a sample of fortunes are provided below.

We also suggest you stock copies of McCawley’s Eater’s Guide to Chinese Characters near your cash register.

Learn Chinese Characters! We also offer academically-themed Chinese lessons on the back of each fortune:

* That’s Linguistics Anthropologistsi.e., anthropologists who study linguists, linguistics, and their hangers-on. Also, when we say crack Anthropologists, we mean crack as in excellentnot to be confused with Crack Anthropologists, who study cocaine and cocaine users, and who are generally much more energetic than most other anthropologists.

The SpecGram Film and Media Club Reviews Inglourious BasterdsManfred M. McManus
Domiphones and DominasalsKeith Slater & Trey Jones
SpecGram Vol CLXXXV, No 1 Contents