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Book ८२

Spanish sometimes goes with a « más que »,
Y a veces se escribe « más de »—
It depends what comes next.
English says, ‘Man that sucks.
More than’s one less and just as OK.’
—Don Quixotic de la Lengua

A wizard declared, “Very well!
I shall banish to nethermost hell
This app on my phone,
That won’t leave me alone,
But autocorrects every spell.”
—Pete Bleackley

La ĉef’ de la grupo el Lilo
Diris, ‘Homoj, jen mia konsilo:
Nia esperantejo
Ne estas ideo
Sed sole kaj simplege ilo’.
—Ludoviko Zamendiko

She sat down to compose a short idyll
In the fields near an estuary tidal
’Bout brooks and cowherds;
But before the first words
She got ate by some sheep homicidal.
—Betrand Bucolicus

All Alone Allophone
The cedilla of French! But did you
Know that English has got a [ç] too!?
It’s in ‘Hubert’s a human
with huge, humid humour’ and
Adds such a bright, vivid hue.

But to find its voiced friend is a pain;
Spot [ʝ] once, you won’t see it again.
So poor [ç]’s alone,
Lost and all on its own;
Allophonically quite inhumane.

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Ask Grammaticality Brown
SpecGram Vol CLXXXIX, No 4 Contents