Extremely Amateur Mathematics Education Morphology: Renaming Mathematical Diseases—Egan J Chernoff SpecGram Vol CLXXXIX, No 2 Contents

Scriptominoes I

by Trey Jones & Keith Slater

Traditional Dominosa is a puzzle game that requires you to pair numbers corresponding to the faces of dominoes. You are presented with a rectangular grid of numbers. Each number must be paired with one of its vertical or horizontal neighbors. As in a set of dominoes, each numerical value pairs exactly once with each other numerical value. See the original “Domiphones and Dominasals” (SpecGram CLXXXV.1) for a simple example if you are unfamiliar with the genre.

Naturally, SpecGram’s version of the puzzle involves some linguistics-related twists. Rather than boring and obvious numerals, we use elements that linguists can enjoy and feel comfortable with. This puzzledubbed Scriptominoesuses characters from various writing systems at each end of the dominoes.* It’s up to you to discover the relevant groupings of characters in order to solve the puzzle.

If you can complete the puzzle, send your solution to the editors of SpecGram by January 15th, 2021, and you could win some SpecGram merch. The correct solutions and winners,** if any, will be announced in the next issue of Speculative Grammarian.

The answers to December’s “Onomastic Destiny ♀i.e., each woman’s area of specializationare listed below:

Each of the puzzlemeisters below were able to untangle the answers, and will receive some moderately desirable SpecGram merch:

Dave Lostroh • Fae Volkers • Lorena Paterson • Vincent Fish***

In addition, the following puzzlers have achieved the everlasting glory that comes with an honorable mention:

Beth Howry • Cyrus Kolle • Harmony Albelo • Norah Piwetz

* Hint: None of the scripts are Latin, appearances to the contrary notwithstanding.

** The solution will be published as text, rather than as an image, which should make the various characters involved easier to identify.

*** Is there any puzzle he can’t solve?

Extremely Amateur Mathematics Education Morphology: Renaming Mathematical DiseasesEgan J Chernoff
SpecGram Vol CLXXXIX, No 2 Contents