Potential Lingua-Cure for COVID-19 Discovered in SPIT—Pam D’Emique SpecGram Vol CLXXXIX, No 1 Contents Ode to Reduplication—Dee-Deedles D’D’Dee-Dee

Book ७९

While X-bar works just fine for syntax
Through powerful unbounded push stacks
Simpler technology
Models phonology
Kept regular by just using Ex-Lax
—Andrew Lamont

If reading in runes is a task
That gives you a horrified mask,
I know of a maid
Who will come to your aid,
Yes, Œðel’s the one you should æsc.
—Pete Bleackley

If you seek experthood exegetical
Be practical, not theoretical:
Let the text reign supreme;
Address what the words mean
And avoid everything meta-lexical.
—Rt Rev Canon Dr Kanye Kane-Connington

Contractions are truly a crime,
Against our own language sublime.
Though some are not fans
Of views with such class
To them, I will say: well, I’m!
—Thomas Q. Elwood

It’s fiendish to translate a rhyme,
And meter’s messed up every time,
But there’s one form of verse
That translation can’t curse—
Yes, parallelism’s sublime.
—Meekly Capable Jester

C’est possible de traduire une rime
If we work in a translation team.
Les poèmes bilingues
Always go with a bang.
Tes mots brilleront, yes they’ll gleam.
—Col. O. Nihilist

Vi skribas dulingvan poemon
Mais certains d’entre nous peuvent écrire en
Más de dos idiomas.
Und wir denken, das
That’s quite cool, muy bien, und auch très bon!
—M. Ludoviko von d’Zamen de la Hof

God save the gracious Sign!
Long live the noble Sign!
God save the Sign!
Arbitrary union
Of thought and thing in one;
Reading Peirce and Saussureoh what fun!
God save the Sign!
—William Deakspeare

Potential Lingua-Cure for COVID-19 Discovered in SPITPam D’Emique
Ode to ReduplicationDee-Deedles D’D’Dee-Dee
SpecGram Vol CLXXXIX, No 1 Contents